In a unique tribute to a friend, Ronnie delivers a message to us all about grace, gratitude, and living a life empowered by thanksgiving.

"Taking a musical approach to this difficult Psalm might the way to get the most out of it," Ronnie says, "because the Psalms were made to be sung." Mixing spoken word with familiar and new songs Ronnie talks the longing we all have for home.

"The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil," said the Apostle Paul, with words not original with him. This warning is as old as humanity, for little is as corrosive to the soul as greed.

Taking on what might be Jesus' most bewildering story, in this talk Ronnie addresses the lessons found in "The Parable of the Shrewd Servant." The story's "hero" is an obvious crook, but one who still has a much to teach.

"As clay in the potter's hands," the prophet Jeremiah wrote. Ronnie picks up this theme to talk about the benefits of brokenness. 

Speaking from Psalm 81 and his recent experience in Central America, in this talk Ronnie McBrayer talks about a "Bad Moon Rising," consequences, and how God is not "out to get anyone," but we are often our own worst enemy.

Reflecting upon the anniversary of "The Crisis of Confidence" speech by former president, Jimmy Carter, and using the Lectionary reading from Isaiah 1, Ronnie delivers an impassioned plea to resist the degree by degree collapse of compassion, justice, and doing good.

"Living on a Prayer" is more than a Bon Jovi song. It is a trusting way of life.

Using the comparative text of Mary and Martha, in this talk Ronnie speaks about the differences between "Do-Ers" and "Be-Ers." So much of our "doing" is to avoid being still and looking within.

In this talk, Ronnie takes on personal identity, asking the question, “Who Are You?” The only answer is found in accepting that we are beloved of God, making us capable of loving others. 

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