On the anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh's death, Ronnie profiles the painter by looking at his life, his early call to ministry, and how Vincent's suffering was the catalyst for the genius of his art. 

A look at Jacob's encounter with God at Bethel - and how God is everywhere - though we are usually unaware. Ronnie invite listeners to open their eyes, ears, and hearts to the Wondrous More.

In this talk Ronnie takes on the seeming collapse of today's society, and challenges listeners to see the collapse as an opportunity to build something better in its place.

In this Independence Day talk, Ronnie tells the story of Roger Williams: Anglican, Puritan, Heretic, Founder of Rhode Island, Baptist, Seeker, and defender of religious liberty. Williams' life and work remind us that the Kingdom of God is "a garden in the wilderness" of the current empires.

Using the Twelve Disciples as a guide, in the talk Ronnie shows how unity is possible - not because everyone simply decides to get along - but because of how the way of Jesus becomes the primary identifier for those who follow him.

Start at home.

Practice Healing.

Travel Light.

Don't waste time where you are not welcome.

These were the words of instruction Jesus gave his first disciples centuries ago. In Ronnie's latest talk, discover that they hold up just as well today.

In this talk Ronnie agrees with the calls from all quarters that, "Love is all we need" to solve the most pressing issues of our day - so long as we know what love is. Using 1 Corinthians 13 as a guide, Ronnie talks about actual, factual, tactical, and practical love for this summer of 2020.

In this talk Ronnie wraps up his thoughts on Paul's thorn in the flesh, sharing a deeply personal story. In the conclusion, especially the last several minutes, he speaks directly to the unrest in the US today, and the opportunity we all have to learn from it.

The "Achilles heel" has always been the place of weakness that people protect, hide, or fear will be their undoing. For the Apostle Paul, this was a "thorn in the flesh," but rather than something to worry over, he saw weakness as the pathway to grace and strength. Part 1 of 2.

In this timely talk, Ronnie takes a realistic, practical view of hardships, saying, "The only way out is through - the only chance we have is to press on - the only path is day by day - and sometimes the most defiant, faith-filled thing we can do is get up in the morning and put on our shoes. Sometimes life boils down to survival, and then survival is enough."

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